Launched in the UK in 2012 Google Business Photos is the new service from Google. It launched in the UK in May 2012.

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The Benefits


Competitive Advantage: It doesn’t matter whether you have a retail store, a hotel, bar, restaurant, gym, flower shop, car showroom or manufacturing company.....

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The Cost


Our Google Business Photos Virtual Reality Tours start at £95 and rise depending on how many panoramas you want....

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Your Google Trusted Business Photographer for Blackpool and the Fylde Coast

Employment opportunities throughout Lancashire

Google Business Photos is a relatively new online marketing tool here in the UK, but fast rising awareness of this official Google product is giving more web-savvy business owners a distinct marketing advantage over their local competitors. With photoshoots in local regions across the UK by trained and accredited Google Trusted Photographers, this dual-product package offers 360° Virtual Tours of the inside of businesses (using the same, cutting edge ‘StreetView’ technology powered by Google Maps). In addition, a selection of high resolution still images of points of interest within the business itself, are included in the service.

Latest projects.
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Freebie for any accommodation provider in BlackpoolBlackpool Hotels

Get ready for the 2013 season today. Any accommodation providers signing up with 360Blackpool will get a FREE ENTRY on the FRONT PAGE of     Do it now: 01253 290501

Show off your business to the world

freebie for any accommodation providers in Blackpool

It costs nothing to feature your business on a Google+ Local Page. Add Business Photos and your customers can walk around, explore and interact with your business like never before. Customers will be able to truly experience your business – just like being there. Of course, there's a cost involved in having the special photography and processing completed, but you'll be pleased to see just how inexpensive that is.

Use YOUR tour and photos in your own promotions

Once your photography and virtual tour processing is complete, you're welcome to use use them in your own website so direct web visitors can see just what your business is like. Also, you are free to use your selection of high resolution still ‘point of interest’ photo’s in any marketing media you like – they belong to you. Check out the photography prices and we are sure you’ll appreciate what incredible value for money this inexpensive ‘cutting edge’ service really is.

Great for any business looking to attract visitors

Google Business Photos are ideal for hotels and guest houses, as visitors can see inside and book with confidence. Perfect, too, for restaurants, bars, all kinds of shops plus many other businesses. You know how hard it can be to get people through your door just to have a look inside; but we also know that being familiar with a place means we are more comfortable walking in as we already know where the reception, bar, waiting room etc are. Well, now through google business photo’s your future customers can feel as though they’ve already visited your premises albeit from the comfort of their sofa at home; and as a result significantly increasing the chances of them making a visit ‘for real!’

Supplied by a local, reliable photographer

Google Trusted Photographer for Blackpool

So that you can enjoy the benefits of Google Business Photos, independent photographers have been selected by Google to undergo the specialist training required to produce the tours and become Google Trusted Photographers. 360Blackpool is available throughout the Blackpool and Fylde Coast area to carry out your shoot and help you get the best out of your Google+ Local page.

Tel: 01253 290501

Google Trusted Photographer Platinum Award Winner


Blackpool business photos

Dougie Smith is now trained and qualified to perform photos within Google business photos and can now proudly display the badge for the Google Business Photos TRUSTED PHOTOGRAPHER

If you don't yet have either a Google plus local or a Google Places page for your business contact us and we can help get you up and running. It's FREE!!

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